Secretary General

Mathematics is one of the oldest disciplines globally. Mathematics has four main fields namely; Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. Statistics has been regarded as the most versatile subset of Mathematics since it supports all other professions that involve decision making. The role of Statistics in other areas of study (both Science, Technology and Arts) is therefore, immeasurable. This has led to growth in sub sets of Statistics to cater for the uniqueness of needs of various areas of practice. Biostatistics, Social Statistics, Education Statistics, Actuarial Science, Applied statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Chemo-statistics, Medical Statistics and Econometrics are just some of the areas of study that have evolved within Statistics. Technological advancement has also led to the need for efficient management of large data. This has given rise to the development of Big Data Analytics tools and Data Science as other frontiers resulting from the fusion of Statistics and Computer Science (Machine learning)
One of the key roles of Statistics is to help researchers arrive at the best decisions about a population or a parameter using information given by a sample. This can only be achieved by using the given data set objectively and ethically. Ethical issues can never be left to individual practitioners alone. It requires concerted effort through robust and legislated structures. The Statisticians within the country saw this gap and put their heads together to come up with a body or an umbrella that will protect the consumers of statistics. This body is the Kenya National Statistical Society (KNSS).   
Currently the society is in the process of being empowered by Parliament as the sole regulator of the Statistical issues within the country through an act of Parliament. KNSS partners with various bodies such as KNBS, Universities, Research Institutes and non-Governmental Organizations. The roles and objectives of KNSS are clear spelt out in the constitution available in the website.
Finally, I call upon statisticians out there who are yet to join the society to do so. Membership guidelines and procedures are well detailed in our website.
Adem Aggrey
KNSS Secretary General